Gazi Ahmad Hasan (President)

Welcome to the Bangladesh Garments Washing Industries Association (BGWIA) website. It is indeed a great pleasure to see you visiting us. As you know that erasing all the past days, weeping and crying are culminating in a modern and improved trade union of our Association. Although washing industries is a backward linkage industry, as a state-of-art technology and thrust sector of Bangladesh, earning of foreign currency by providing continuous support to forward exporting industries for export quality product in the world market & develop of existing country economic position and establish compliant washing industry is our ultimate objective. I believe, with the continuous support from the owners, workers, government, nongovernment bodies and all other stakeholders, we will be able to reach our objective. The BGWIA website is designed to provide some information’s on our association and its members. It will also help the people interested to know the washing and the washing world. We shall be grateful if any visitor provides us any suggestions to make the site more informative and useful. To accept any request, gift, donation or subscription towards any fund or endowment or waif and to establish and support, the establishment of any funds, institutions, and trusts purported to benefit the members of the association, its employees or Ex-employees or their dependents and to subscribe or guarantee money for any charitable or benevolent object or for any public, general useful objects.

Finally, I seek cooperation & support from all the members towards the progress of the association.

Gazi Ahmad Hasan


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